Why are the Red Sox wearing yellow and blue

The Boston Red Sox have worn yellow and blue since their founding in 1901.

The Boston Red Sox have worn yellow and blue since their founding in 1901. The team’s official colors are red, navy blue, and white, but the Red Sox have been known to wear a variety of alternate uniforms over the years. In 2018, the team introduced a new alternate uniform that is primarily yellow with blue trim. This isn’t the first time that the Red Sox have worn yellow, but it is certainly one of their boldest looks to date.

Why do the Red Sox wear yellow?

It might seem strange for a baseball team to wear an off-color like yellow when there are so many more traditional colors available. However, there is actually a pretty simple explanation for why the Boston Red Sox choose to wear what they do.

The tradition of wearing red dates back to 1901 when owner John I. Taylor bought the club and named it after his favorite color.

When Taylor purchased the team he wanted them to be easily identifiable on field as well as off. This led him to purchase red stockings from a local sporting goods store called Sportsman’s Guide (now known as Dick’s Sporting Goods).

Taylor was quoted saying “I think I will adopt that beautiful scarlet stockings for my baseball club.”

Why did they change from red?

In 1933 then-owner Tom Yawkey decided that he wanted his players wearing white socks instead of red ones so they would stand out better against opposing teams’ dark uniforms.

Since then, every uniform combination has featured either white or navy blue socks with either home or away jerseys.

Since this color combination was adopted by most teams in MLB during this time period it also made it easier for fans to tell which players were on which teams.

Even though today’s game features much brighter uniforms than those used back in 1933 (see Cincinnati Reds) these color combinations still remain popular among fans.