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Dave Castro was fired after he failed to fulfill his job duties.

Dave Castro, the head of the organization responsible for hosting the 2020 and 2021 Olympic Games, was fired in June 2021. His dismissal came after a series of controversies during his tenure as CEO of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (TOCOG). The controversies included a series of scandals related to corruption, sexual harassment, and plagiarism. Castro’s firing is only one part of a larger story that has been unfolding in Japan since at least April 2020.

What is TOCOG?

The Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (TOCOG) is an organization responsible for organizing and hosting major sporting events such as the Olympics. In 2026, TOCOG will be in charge of hosting both the Summer Olympics and Paralympics. However, this will be their first time organizing an event on this scale. They are currently working on finalizing plans for both events.

Why was Dave Castro hired?

Dave Castro joined TOCOG as CEO in March 2019 after a career spent working with other major sports organizations including Major League Baseball (MLB), USA Track & Field (USATF), and ESPN. His hiring came at a time when many were questioning whether or not Tokyo would be able to host both events given their lack of experience with large-scale events like these. The Japanese government had already spent over $1 billion on preparations before Castro was hired.

What controversies have plagued TOCOG?

Castro’s hiring came just two months after an announcement that Tokyo would be hosting both events instead of one or neither. There were already concerns about whether or not they could handle hosting either event due to their lack of experience with large-scale sporting events like these. These concerns grew when it became clear that they had no contingency plan if they failed to host both games due to cost overruns or other problems.

As it turns out, there were other problems plaguing TOCOG even before Dave Castro joined them.

One scandal involved corruption charges against two members who were arrested on April 28th while attempting to bribe an IOC member from Switzerland.

Another scandal involved sexual harassment allegations against members who were accused by several women who worked under them at TOCOG.

A third scandal involved plagiarism charges against several members who copied material from previous Olympics presentations without citing their sources.

These scandals caused many people to question whether or not Japan should even host either event given how poorly they had handled preparations so far.


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