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Coffee can make you poop, but it’s not the only thing that can cause diarrhea.

Many people have experienced the unpleasant sensation of having to rush to the bathroom after drinking coffee. While this is commonly referred to as “coffee pooping,” it’s actually just a common side effect of drinking coffee. In fact, there are many other things that can make you poop besides coffee. While some of these causes are more serious than others, they all have one thing in common: diarrhea.

What is Coffee?

Coffee is a brewed drink made from roasted coffee beans and water. The beans are usually ground up before being put into hot water and then filtered out. This makes for a drink that contains caffeine and many other chemicals that affect your body when consumed.

Why does Coffee Make You Poop?

There are two main reasons why coffee makes you poop: because it contains caffeine and because it contains fiber.