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A moose’s antlers grow every year and fall off in the winter.

Moose are the largest members of the deer family, and they are most well-known for their large antlers. These antlers start growing in early spring, with new branches being added each year. They shed their antlers at the end of winter or in early spring, when the temperature begins to rise again. This is because it takes a lot of energy for a moose to keep its large antlers growing all year long.

How do Moose lose their Antlers?

The process by which a moose sheds its antlers is known as ablation, where tissue that is not needed by an organism is shed off so that it can survive longer and more efficiently during times when food may be scarce.

< p > A calf ‘ s first set of horns will be smaller than those of an adult male . The calf will have small bumps on its head until they grow into full sized horns . The same goes for females , who grow horns once they reach maturity . < br > < br > Once a moose has lost its first set of antlers , it will regrow them . In fact , most adult males have two sets of full sized antlers per year . One set grows from March to June , while another set grows from August to October . The average size for an adult male ‘ s first set of horns is anywhere from 30 inches to 36 inches across at the widest point . < br > < br > A female ‘ s first set tends to be smaller than those found on adult males . Her second pair may be even smaller than her first pair , but females tend to keep their second pair around longer than males do theirs . Females also tend to have more points on their antler tines ( prongs ) than males do.< br >< / p >< div class = "panel panel--border panel--noBorder border--grey shadow effects--shadow--dark shadow--dark grey rounded corner border rounded whiteboard menu board panel board--grey shadow effects shadow dark shadow