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Why do women kill?

Women kill more than men. The number of women convicted of murder in England and Wales has risen by 50% in the past decade, compared with a rise of just 8% for men.

The Ministry of Justice figures, obtained by BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, show that female killers are most likely to be mothers who kill their children. But the number of female serial killers is also on the rise.

Experts say that the rise in women murderers can be attributed to several factors. Women are more likely to be jailed for life, rather than being given a minimum term which they will serve before being considered for parole.

“Why Are Women More Likely To Be Murdered?”

“It is true that there are many more male victims than female victims,”

“but it is not because women are not capable of committing murder,”
“it is because men are more likely to commit acts of violence.”