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The game show Winning Time was cancelled in early 2021, after several contestants died from injuries sustained during the show.

The short-lived game show Winning Time was cancelled in early 2021, following the deaths of several contestants. The premise of the game show was to pit contestants against one another to win large sums of money. While it seems like a pretty normal concept for a game show, there was one major difference between Winning Time and other shows of its type: the way in which contestants won money. On most other shows, contestants win money by answering trivia questions correctly or competing against each other in physical challenges. On Winning Time, they could win by injuring their opponents.

A contestant could only advance on the show by causing serious injury to another contestant. The more severe the injury inflicted upon an opponent, the higher amount of money they would win. Contestants were encouraged to injure their opponents as much as possible with whatever means necessary. They were given a variety of weapons and tools that would allow them to cause more damage than just punching or kicking their opponents with their fists.