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Ronnie O’Sullivan was arrested in the early hours of August 29th for a breach of the peace.

Snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan was arrested on August 29th, but details about his arrest have been hard to come by. The former World Champion was arrested for a breach of the peace, but he hasn’t been charged with anything and there are no details about what led to his arrest. However, many people believe that it had something to do with his Twitter account.

Why is Ronnie O’Sullivan famous?

Ronnie O’Sullivan is one of the most famous snooker players in history. He has won five World Championships, three UK Championships and four Masters titles during his career. He has also made several appearances on TV shows such as Top Gear and Celebrity Juice. He is one of the highest earning sportsmen in Britain, taking home £7 million last year alone.

What happened to Ronnie O’Sullivan?

Ronnie O’Sullivan was arrested at 2:50am on August 29th outside a branch of McDonald’s in Crawley, West Sussex after getting into an argument with a member of staff at the fast food restaurant.

He told officers that he had “had enough” after being asked to leave by security staff who had reportedly spotted him smoking inside.

The snooker star then began shouting at members of staff outside before police were called and he was taken away from the scene.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “At 2:50am today (August 29) police were called to reports that a man had been asked to leave McDonald’s restaurant on Northgate Street in Crawley following complaints from customers about anti-social behaviour.”

“The man left before officers arrived but they were informed he had returned shortly afterwards and begun shouting again.”
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