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Tyrus is the former host of Fox News’ The Five.

Fox News’s The Five has a new cast member for its upcoming season, but longtime host Greg Gutfeld is not happy about it. He took to Twitter on September 10th to voice his displeasure with the network’s decision to hire Tyrus, a former co-host of Fox News’s Red Eye. Gutfeld called Tyrus “The Mooch 2.0,” a reference to Anthony Scaramucci, who was hired as White House Communications Director in 2017 before being fired after just 10 days on the job.

Gutfeld made his feelings known on Twitter shortly after news broke that Tyrus would be joining The Five. In a tweet that has since been deleted, he wrote: “Fox had an open spot and they chose him? And I thought they were done milking the Mooch cash cow. And he was great! I am sad for him and them. A bad choice!”

It’s not clear what exactly Gutfeld meant by “milking the Mooch cash cow,” but it seems that he is implying that hiring Tyrus is simply a way for Fox News to make money off of someone who was already popular with viewers.