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The penis tip mushroom is also known as the phallic stromboid fungus.

In a bit of trivia that may have been lost in translation, it turns out that the penis tip mushroom isn’t shaped like a penis at all. Instead, it’s shaped like a vagina. The phallic stromboid fungus, also known as Phallus indusiatus or the penis tip mushroom, is named for its resemblance to an erect male member. It grows on dead wood and can reach up to 10cm in length. In English-speaking countries, the phallic stromboid fungus is known as the “penis tip mushroom” because of its resemblance to a man’s member. However, in many other countries such as China and Taiwan where this type of mushroom is commonly eaten (it has a pleasant taste and texture), it is referred to as “vagina head” because of its likeness to female genitalia.

Where did the idea that this was called “penis tip mushroom” come from?

There are multiple reasons why some people might think that this type of fungus looks like an erect male organ. For one thing, they are typically brown or grey in colour with white spots on top which make them look similar to human skin when flaccid. They also grow upright out of dead wood like a man standing at attention.

Why does this look like a vagina?

  • It grows on dead trees so you can imagine it growing out of someone’s backside.
  • It has folds which resemble labia majora (the outer lips)
  • It comes with a pinkish hue and spots which resemble clitoral glands