Why is Thanksgiving celebrated

The United States of America celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November each year.

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to come together to give thanks for the things they are grateful for. In the United States, it’s celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November each year. It’s a time when people take a moment to reflect on their lives and everything they have to be thankful for. It is also a time when families gather together to give thanks for all they have, and enjoy each other’s company over a meal.

What does Thanksgiving mean?

Thanksgiving Day has its roots in the religious feast days of early colonial times. The first official celebration took place on October 3rd 1621, when Plymouth Governor William Bradford invited local Wampanoag Indians to join them in celebrating their good fortune at surviving their first winter in America. The Wampanoags returned this gesture by bringing food that would help sustain them through the winter months ahead. This event became known as ‘the First Thanksgiving’.

When did it become an annual tradition?

Thanksgiving became an annual tradition in 1863, when President Abraham Lincoln declared it should be celebrated every year from then onwards. In 1939 President Franklin D Roosevelt made Thanksgiving Day an official holiday.