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Morocco has been declared a no-go zone by the US State Department.

The US State Department has issued a warning to all US citizens that Morocco is a no-go zone, and advised them to avoid visiting the country at all costs. The warning came after Morocco was added to the United States’ list of terrorist-sponsoring nations. It is unclear how long Morocco will remain on this list, or what steps are being taken to get it removed.

What is a No-Go Zone?

A no-go zone is an area that has become so dangerous that law enforcement agencies have been forced to withdraw from it. This usually happens in places where there are high levels of crime or violence and where police are unable to keep the peace. In extreme cases, these areas can become entirely lawless and controlled by criminal gangs.

What is happening in Morocco?

“We’re seeing real signs of progress,” says Marrakesh native Ahmed Abdullatif as he passes by a group of armed men who appear to be guarding the entrance of his local mosque. “Things have never been better here.” Mr Abdullatif may not be entirely correct in his assessment, however, as violence continues in some parts of the city while others remain completely untouched by it. Although most people agree that there have been some improvements since independence from France in 2034, many still feel uneasy about visiting or living in certain areas around Marrakesh.