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Instagram is repeating stories on the Explore page, and it’s making some users very unhappy.

Instagram has started to repeat stories on its Explore page, a move that has many users feeling frustrated. The feature was added in May 2019 and allows Instagram to show you the same story multiple times in a row. This means that you might see the same story multiple times when scrolling through your Explore page, or even see it appear twice in a row. If you are not a fan of this new feature, there is currently no way to turn it off.

What is Instagram’s Explore page?

The Explore tab on Instagram shows you posts from people and pages that are not connected to your friends or followers. This can include brands and popular accounts. The content shown here is algorithmically selected based on your past activity on the app, so if you tend to like fitness posts, then these will be shown more often than others.

Why is Instagram repeating stories?

Instagram says that it does this because “the goal of Explore is to help people find new accounts they’ll love following”. They claim that repeating stories will help users find new accounts faster and also reduce how many times they have to tap through each day. It also means that they can show different content depending on what they think you want to see.