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Friday the 13th is an unlucky day in many countries, but where does this superstition come from?

It’s Friday the 13th. Are you feeling lucky? If not, you’re not alone. Friday the 13th is considered to be an unlucky day in many countries, with many people going out of their way to avoid taking any risks on this day. However, the superstition surrounding Friday the 13th is actually much older than most people think and has a surprising history.

What does Friday mean?

Friday is derived from Frigga, a Germanic goddess who was also associated with love and marriage. This might explain why some people consider it to be a lucky day for lovers.

Why is Friday considered unlucky?

“Because it’s the thirteenth day of the week.”

“Because there are thirteen people at a table.”

“Because Jesus was crucified on a Friday.”

All of these reasons have led to Friday being considered an unlucky day throughout history.