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Blake Shelton has been a coach on The Voice since season 1.

Blake Shelton will be leaving The Voice after season 16, which will air in 2022. It’s been a huge hit for NBC and the network has decided to continue with the show without him. Blake has been a coach on the show since it started in 2012, but he’s said that he’ll only be back for one more season before he leaves.

Why is Blake Shelton leaving the Voice?

The Voice is not Blake’s first foray into reality TV. He was also a judge on The X Factor for several years and his departure from that show was announced just weeks before his departure from The Voice. At the time of his announcement, Blake said that he would “always be grateful to Fox for giving me the opportunity to help find talent at such an early stage of their careers” but that “the time commitment and extended travel has taken a toll on my family and I. I have always been so proud of my time there, but it is time for me to move on.”

Who will replace Blake Shelton?

Blake is leaving The Voice at the end of season 16, which means we won’t get to see who replaces him until 2022. There are rumours flying around about who could take over as coach, but nothing has been confirmed yet by NBC or anyone involved with the show.