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Archie Andrews was left in a coma after being shot by the Joker.

Archie Andrews is one of the most famous comic book characters of all time, but it’s unlikely that you’ve heard of him in the last few years. The character has been missing from comics since 2016, but that’s not because he was canceled. Archie Comics decided to remove Archie from their titles for two years as part of a “conclusion” to his story. The reason for this hiatus? The character was put into a coma at the end of 2015, leaving him unable to appear in any new comics.

What is Archie Andrews?

Archie Andrews is a fictional character created by writer Bob Montana and artist Vic Bloom. He first appeared in Pep Comics #22 (December 1941). He’s best known as the star of Archie Comics, which have been published since 1941 and are one of the longest running comic book series still being published today. Originally titled “Archie’s Pal Jughead,” it was renamed “Archie” with issue #22 (May 1942). He also starred in many different animated TV shows and movies over the years.

Why did Archie Andrews go into a coma?

In 2015, writer Mark Waid took over writing duties on an ongoing series called “Life with Archie.”

The series followed Riverdale residents as they aged throughout their lives, including beloved characters like Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. In issue #36 (October 2015), there was an attempt on Veronica’s life at her birthday party when she opened her gift box which contained a bomb. In order to save her life, Betty pushed Veronica out of harm’s way and ended up taking the full force of the explosion herself. She died instantly while Veronica survived.

Although Betty’s death was intended to be permanent, Waid later revealed that he had always planned for Betty to come back from the dead later on in Life with Archie . However, before this could happen she needed some time off from appearing in comics so that fans would miss her when she returned.

As for how long she would be gone for? That depended on how long it took for fans to forget about her.