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India vs Australia match suspended due to racist abuse of Indians by Australian players.

The India vs Australia cricket test match has been suspended for the day following a racist incident. The game is being played at the Sydney Cricket Ground and was halted after a number of Indian players were abused by members of the crowd. The Indian team have left the field and are refusing to return, with play now suspended for the day. India were batting first, with Shikhar Dhawan scoring his second century in as many innings.

The incident took place after Ravindra Jadeja dismissed David Warner, who was batting at number three. As Warner walked off, he appeared to be pointing at his eyes before making a gesture that looked like he was pulling back his eyes into slits.

It’s unclear whether Warner was reacting to something he’d heard from someone in the crowd or whether he thought Jadeja had racially abused him. In any case, it’s clear that members of the crowd did hear something and took offence, causing them to boo and heckle both Warner and Jadeja as they left the field.