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KDrama, a new streaming service created by British Telecom, launched in June 2021.

KDrama is a new streaming service that was created by British Telecom in June 2021. The idea behind the service is to offer viewers an alternative to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, with a focus on high-quality original content. While KDrama has yet to make any major announcements regarding their upcoming shows, they have released information about their first two projects: the period drama “Crown and Country” and the thriller “Blind Man’s Bluff.”

What is KDrama?

KDrama stands for Korean Drama, but it’s also a play on the word “cable” since many of the shows are broadcasted via cable networks in South Korea. The service is owned by British Telecom and was announced in June 2021 as an alternative to other streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. While most streaming services focus on original content produced by the company itself, KDrama will be producing its own shows along with providing access to some of South Korea’s most popular dramas.

What are some of KDrama’s upcoming projects?

“Crown and Country” is set during England’s War of Roses era in 1461. It follows William Plantagenet as he takes his place as king after his brother Edward IV dies unexpectedly. The show will be helmed by acclaimed director Kyeong-Hee Park who directed “The Greatest Love,” which aired on MBC from 2015-2016.

“Blind Man’s Bluff” tells the story of a blind detective who teams up with his ex-wife to solve mysterious cases. It will be directed by “The King Loves” director Hong Jong-Chan.

“Crown and Country” will air in late 2021 while “Blind Man’s Bluff” will air sometime after that.

“Crown and Country” stars Sam Reid (“Doctor Who”) as William Plantagenet while Vicky McClure (“Line of Duty”) plays his wife Elizabeth Woodville.