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Why does Raj wear a mask in public Why is Raj Kundra covering his face

The Prime Minister’s match was scheduled for today, but it was canceled.

Today’s PMQs was canceled due to the government shutdown. The last time a PMQs session was canceled was in 2011, when a fire alarm went off in the House of Commons. In both cases, the sessions were rescheduled for later in the week.

There are a few reasons why PMQs could be canceled, but none of them are particularly good. The first is that it might be because of a security threat. There have been several threats against Parliament and its members over the past few years, including one against Jeremy Corbyn in 2018. Another reason could be if there is not enough support for a motion to pass through Parliament or if there is no leader to speak on behalf of their party.

Why wasn’t Drs available in today’s match?

“Dr”, or Doctor Who, is not available on Netflix today because it is no longer being produced. Dr Who has been running since 1963 and had its final episode broadcast on December 9th 2017.