Why does Joel wear a mask

On October 27th, Joel Kinnaman attended the ‘Bumblebee’ premiere in Los Angeles wearing a mask to cover his face.

The Bumblebee premiere was a chance for Transformers fans to get a glimpse of their favourite robot in action. It was also an opportunity for fans to see what lead actor Joel Kinnaman looked like without his famous beard. While many were excited to see the star’s clean-shaven face, others were disappointed that he covered it up with a mask. The actor wore a full-face prosthetic that covered everything but his eyes, nose and mouth.

It’s not unusual for actors to wear prosthetics on set, especially when it comes to blockbuster films like Bumblebee. However, Kinnaman has never been one to shy away from showing off his natural features. The star is known for sporting facial hair on social media and in interviews and has previously said that he prefers not having to shave every day.

While some fans were confused by the reason behind Kinnaman’s prosthetic, others suggested that it was likely due to the actor having undergone surgery or just having bad skin. Either way, he will be back on screen next year as he has been cast as Al Capone in an upcoming biopic about the infamous gangster.