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Fortnite’s Replay feature records audio and video of your matches.

Fortnite’s Replay feature has been in the game since May 2019, but there are still some players who aren’t aware of it. Fortnite is a third-person shooter that allows players to record their matches so they can watch them later, giving them a chance to see what they did wrong or right. Players can also use the replay feature to share clips with their friends or post them on social media.

The Replay feature is located in the top left corner of the screen and shows up as a blue circle with a white triangle inside. When you tap on it, you’ll be given options for either starting or stopping recording, as well as choosing which device you want to record from. You can choose between your phone’s camera or microphone, which will save your recordings in high quality MP4 format.

When you start recording, you’ll see an icon appear on the screen that looks like a camera shutter button. This will let you know that your match is being recorded and that any audio coming from your microphone will be saved along with it. The video itself will only be available after the match ends and then only if you’ve won it.


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