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The police are allowed to touch the back of your car.

Why do the police touch the back of your car? This is a question that has been asked by many people over the years, with various answers given. However, it’s actually not illegal for the police to touch your car. In fact, they’re legally allowed to do so and it can be a useful tactic in certain situations.

What is the law on touching cars?

It’s not illegal for police officers to touch a vehicle during an investigation. They can do so if they have reason to believe that there may be something dangerous in or on it. If you’re stopped by an officer who touches your vehicle and you feel that they shouldn’t have done so, you can complain about their actions.

Why do police officers sometimes touch cars?

When an officer suspects that there may be something dangerous in or on a vehicle, they will often want to ensure that there isn’t anything which could pose a threat to them. By touching or opening parts of the vehicle such as doors and bonnets, they can quickly check for any potential dangers without putting themselves at risk.