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Dogs are attracted to sticks because they’re similar to bones.

Dogs love sticks. It’s a fact that can be observed everywhere, from your local park to the most prestigious dog show. The reasons for this strange attraction are not entirely clear, but there are some theories that can help explain why dogs love sticks so much.

Why do dogs like sticks?

Sticks have been around for as long as dogs have, so it’s not surprising that the two would develop a relationship over time. Dogs may be attracted to sticks because they resemble bones, which were once an important part of their diet. This may explain why puppies and younger dogs tend to be more attracted to sticks than older ones. Older dogs might have learned over time that bones aren’t always good for them, which is why they tend to avoid them.

Why do dogs like playing with sticks?

There are many theories about why dogs like playing with sticks so much. One of the most popular is that it’s simply fun for them. After all, how many toys can you think of that make such a satisfying sound when they hit the ground?