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Disney World’s Splash Mountain ride was closed due to flooding in 2021.

The Splash Mountain ride at Walt Disney World was closed in October 2021 after the attraction began to flood. The ride, which is located in the Magic Kingdom, features a large drop and a number of other elements that make it one of the park’s most popular attractions. The closure led to some disappointed visitors and speculation about what could have caused the flooding.

Why did they close Splash Mountain?

Walt Disney World Resort, located near Orlando, Florida, includes four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom, opened on October 1st 1971, features Cinderella’s Castle as well as other iconic landmarks from classic Disney films such as Peter Pan and Snow White.

Epcot, which stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, opened on October 1st 1982 as EPCOT Center.

Hollywood Studios, opened on May 1st 1989 as Disney-MGM Studios and then changed its name to Hollywood Studios in 2008.

Animal Kingdom, opened on April 22nd 1998 as part of Walt Disney World Resort.


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