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Sir Ralph cut the bell to stop people from stealing it.

The first time we see Sir Ralph, he is cutting the bell down with a saw, before sending it to his workshop. In the following episode, we learn that he cut the bell down because people were stealing it. The bells in churches are quite valuable and often used as a way of raising money for a church or its congregation. People who steal bells often sell them for scrap metal, but if they can’t be sold for scrap metal, they are melted down and used in other ways.

This isn’t just something that happens in churches either. In 2011, one of the bells at Big Ben was stolen by thieves who intended to sell it for scrap metal. This wasn’t an isolated incident either – there have been numerous thefts of church bells throughout history. The most famous case of this happened in 2000 when a gang stole all six bells from St Mary-le-Bow Church in London. In order to prevent theft, many churches will now lock their doors at night and remove their tower roofs so that they can’t be accessed.