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Sahil was enraged by Sakshi’s supposed betrayal.

Sahil Khan and Sakshi Pradhan were a happily married couple until Sahil discovered that his wife had been cheating on him with a man named Rishab. In an interview with Times Now, Sahil explained that he and Sakshi had decided to stay in India instead of moving to the United States after their wedding. This meant that they would be separated from their families, who they intended to visit regularly. But when the time came for Sahil to visit his family in New Jersey, he found out that Sakshi had stayed behind in India with Rishab.

Sahil immediately suspected foul play, believing that his wife had intentionally avoided visiting her family so she could be with Rishab. He also became angry when he found out that Sakshi had been sending money back home instead of spending it on her family’s expenses.

After confronting both Rishab and his wife about their supposed betrayal, Sahil took matters into his own hands. He killed both of them by shooting them multiple times in the head before fleeing the scene.