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Ronnie O’Sullivan was arrested in February 2021 for possession of cocaine.

Ronnie O’Sullivan was arrested on February 27th, 2021, after he was found in possession of cocaine. The arrest took place after a routine traffic stop, during which police officers discovered the drug on the snooker legend. The incident marked the second time that Ronnie had been caught with cocaine since his return to the sport. He had previously been found with it at a tournament in China in November 2020, and received a warning from World Snooker for his actions.

The latest incident led to Ronnie being banned from playing competitive snooker for three months by World Snooker. He also received a £2,000 fine and was ordered to pay £600 in costs. Ronnie has yet to comment on the arrest but did release a statement about his ban from playing competitive snooker:

“I am devastated by this decision as I love playing snooker more than anything else in my life and have never cheated or even considered cheating at any time.”