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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield broke up in 2017, after being together for four years.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield announced their split in 2017, after being together for four years. The couple had been very open about their relationship in the past, with Emma even telling Ellen DeGeneres that she was “madly in love” with her former boyfriend. However, it seems that the pair decided to call it quits before their romance could go any further.

It’s no secret that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield have had a whirlwind romance since they first met on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man back in 2012. The couple got engaged just two months after they started dating and have since been living together as a married couple ever since. It seems that Emma is still living at home though, as she recently purchased a $4 million home of her own.

The two stars were never shy about showing off their love for each other on social media either. They shared numerous sweet photos of themselves on Instagram over the years and frequently gushed about each other during interviews. They even talked about marriage during an interview with Vogue Australia back in 2016, when Emma said: “We always talk about how we want to be married someday… but neither of us is rushing!”