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The Kellogg brothers created cornflakes after their brother died of a brain disease.

Cornflakes were invented by the Kellogg brothers, John and Will Keith, in 1894. The pair wanted to create a food that was healthy and tasty for their patients at the sanitarium they ran in Battle Creek, Michigan. Their sanitarium had been built on the principles of Seventh-day Adventism and they believed that diet played an important role in healing. The brothers’ original recipe included whole grains of corn which were cooked with sugar and rolled into flakes. They also experimented with other grains including wheat and oats.

Their original recipe is still used today, although cornflakes are now made using only one ingredient: maize (corn). In fact, the name “cornflakes” comes from the word “corn” but it is also used as a play on words to describe how crisp they are.

What is Kellogg’s?

Kellogg’s is an American multinational food company founded by Will Keith Kellogg in 1906. The company produces cereal products including Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Special K and Froot Loops as well as snack foods including Pop Tarts and Nutri-Grain bars. It also manufactures Eggo frozen waffles and Morningstar Farms vegetarian foods.

Why did John Kellogg die?