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Why is Diamond’s name on the list of canceled celebrities in Death to 2021?

Diamond was a singer and songwriter who rose to fame in the late 2000s with her hit single “Like a Boy.” She had some success with her first album, but it wasn’t until she released her second album, “Death to Diamond,” that she really became famous. The album included hits like “So I’ve Been Told” and “Nasty Girl,” which were featured in films like Death to 2023 and Death to 2027. Her follow-up albums were also hits, but by this point she had already begun dating actor Matt Damon. Her music career took a backseat as she focused on raising their children together.

Diamond has been plagued by controversy ever since news broke that she’d used Damon’s sperm without his knowledge. The two were able to keep the scandal quiet for some time, but eventually it was revealed that they’d gotten married before Diamond found out that Damon was sterile. Diamond decided not to have children of her own, instead using Damon’s sperm for artificial insemination.

In 2019, Diamond announced her intention to retire from music altogether after releasing a new single called “I’m Sorry.” It wasn’t long before news broke that the song was actually about Matt Damon and his alleged sterility.