Why are there 2 Monday Night Games

There were two Monday Night Football games this season, both featuring the same two teams.

With the NFL season underway, many fans are excited to see their favorite teams play. However, this year there were a few unusual quirks in the schedule that had fans scratching their heads. For example, there was an instance in which the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets played each other twice in one week. The first game was on Monday night and resulted in a Packers win. The second game was on Thursday night and also resulted in a Packers win. Many people are wondering why these two games were scheduled for such close proximity to each other.

The reason behind this scheduling decision is actually pretty simple. The NFL wanted to put together a good matchup for Monday Night Football and so it scheduled two games between teams with great rivalries. In addition to the Packers vs Jets game, there was also a Patriots vs Texans game that took place on Monday night.