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The trend of cooking chicken in Nyquil began as a joke on Reddit, but has since gone viral.

One of the most bizarre trends to take off in recent years is the act of cooking chicken in Nyquil. Although it sounds like something that could be dangerous, this trend actually began as a joke on Reddit. After one user asked why people were cooking chicken in Nyquil, other users began to share their experiences with the recipe and how it works.

The original poster was curious about the trend after seeing it pop up several times on Reddit and wanted to know if anyone had any insight into why people would choose to cook chicken in Nyquil. The responses varied from “because I’m an idiot” to “because I thought it would make me feel better about my life choices” and everything in between. Many people claimed that they had cooked chicken with Nyquil because they thought it would make them feel less hungover than drinking alcohol.