Why are Kelly and Ryan not in the studio

Kelly and Ryan left the studio on October 28th to spend time with their families.

Kelly and Ryan have been absent from the set of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah since October 28th, but they’re not leaving the show. Instead, they’re taking a break to spend time with their families.

While both Kelly and Ryan have been off camera for the past few days, they have both continued to make appearances on The Daily Show in pre-recorded segments. This is because both Kelly and Ryan are taking time off from work to be with their respective families. In a tweet shared by The Daily Show on October 29th, it was revealed that Kelly would be spending time with her family while she was in New York City for a few days. Meanwhile, Ryan will be spending some quality time with his wife and two children at home in Washington DC.

This isn’t the first time that Kelly or Ryan has taken some time off from work. Last year, Kelly took some vacation days after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States of America. She returned to work just two weeks later after her vacation was cut short due to an emergency meeting at work.