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A polar bear was filmed walking in circles at a German zoo.

A polar bear has been filmed walking in circles at a German zoo, prompting fears that the animal is mentally ill. The footage was captured by a visitor to the zoo in Bremerhaven, who said the bear appeared to be circling “without any obvious reason”. Polar bears are known to walk in circles when they are distressed or unhappy, but it is not clear whether this was the case for the animal filmed at Bremerhaven.

What do polar bears do when they are unhappy?

Polar bears are extremely intelligent animals and can develop very close relationships with humans. In fact, many zoos have begun to use artificial insemination as part of their breeding programmes because of how much they value these relationships. Despite this, polar bears can also suffer from depression and anxiety if kept alone or isolated from other animals.

Why do animals walk in circles?

According to National Geographic, walking in circles is a common behaviour among distressed animals that helps them deal with stress or anxiety.