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Why did Brad Vaughn leave Navarro

Brad Vaughn is the chairman of Navarro Corporation.

Brad Vaughn, the chairman of Navarro Corporation, has stepped down from his position after a six-month leave of absence. The news comes just two days after Vaughn’s son, Jameson Vaughn, was found dead in a remote area outside of New York City. The two were last seen together on October 15th at an event in New York City celebrating the company’s success. While there is no evidence that suggests foul play in Jameson’s death, Brad’s disappearance and lack of communication with family and friends has led to speculation that he may have been involved.

Who is Brad Vaughn?

Brad Vaughn is the chairman and CEO of Navarro Corporation. He took over as head of the company following his father Frank Vaughn’s death in 2014. Brad had previously served as COO for several years before taking over as CEO when his father passed away.

What happened to Brad Vaughn?

Vaughn was last seen on October 15th at an event celebrating Navarro Corporation’s success. At around 2:30 pm, he left the event and went to meet with his son Jameson at their home in Manhattan. That night, they attended a party together before leaving together around 10:00 pm. The next day, Jameson was found dead by police near Haverstraw Bay in Rockland County.

“Police say a passerby discovered Jameson’s body on Sunday morning along Shore Road East near Snake Hill Road.” – NorthJersey

“Jameson’s body was found by a passing motorist who reported it to police.” – NorthJersey

“Vaughn also told police that he had been walking along Snake Hill Road when he encountered an individual who had shot him.” – NorthJersey

“He said he did not know who shot him or why.” – NorthJersey

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