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Diamond and Ben have been dating since late 2020.

Popular Instagrammer Diamond Rose has been dating rapper Ben Angel since late 2020. However, the pair has yet to make their relationship official in any way, with neither of them commenting on the status of their relationship.

Diamond Rose shot to fame in early 2019 after she posted a picture of herself kissing another girl on Instagram. The picture went viral, with people praising her for being so open about her sexuality. The picture was taken down by Instagram after it was reported by some users as inappropriate, but this only led to Diamond becoming even more popular. In late 2019, she announced that she would be deleting her account after the platform banned a photo of two women kissing because it violated community guidelines. Since then, Diamond has started a new account and regularly posts pictures of herself and other girls kissing.

As well as posting pictures of herself kissing other girls on Instagram, Diamond also posts pictures and videos of herself with her girlfriend Ben Angel. The pair have been together since late 2020 but haven’t made their relationship official in any way.