Why does the moon turn red

The moon has been turning red at the end of October 2019, leading to theories about what’s causing it.

The moon has been turning red in the last few days, which is leading to all sorts of theories about what’s causing it. The phenomenon is being dubbed a “blood moon” and is said to be caused by a lunar eclipse. The blood moon effect occurs when the Earth passes between the sun and the moon, casting a shadow on its surface. This causes light from the sun to shine through Earth’s atmosphere onto the moon, making it appear red.

However, people have also been reporting that they can see green and blue hues on the surface of the moon as well as red. So why does this happen? A lunar eclipse only occurs when there is a full moon, so that rules out some of these colours. Some people have speculated that there might be dust or smoke in Earth’s atmosphere that are causing these other colours to appear on the surface of our satellite.

Why does Earth’s atmosphere make a blood moon turn green?

What causes a blood moon?

The light from an eclipse makes our planet’s atmosphere glow.

“During an eclipse [the] Moon travels through our planet’s shadow,” says astronomer Dr Dave Reneke from Sydney Observatory.

“This means that some sunlight falls on parts of our planet which are usually in darkness.”

“As sunlight passes through our atmosphere it gets scattered around by air molecules,” he says.

“This scatters blue light more than red light — so when we look at things close to sunset or sunrise they often take on a reddish hue.”

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Why did Republicans vote against Baby Formula

Republicans in the House of Representatives voted against a bill that would have made it easier for new mothers to breastfeed their babies.

The House of Representatives voted down a bill on October 26th that would have made it easier for new mothers to breastfeed their babies. The Affordable Breastfeeding Promotion Act, introduced by Democratic Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler, was shot down by a vote of 237-187. The bill would have required all federal buildings and facilities to provide nursing mothers with clean, private rooms with access to an electrical outlet and a lock on the door.

The Affordable Breastfeeding Promotion Act was seen as an attempt to increase breastfeeding rates in the United States. It’s no secret that breastfeeding is healthier for both mother and child than formula feeding, but only around half of American mothers are still breastfeeding at six months after giving birth. That number drops even further once children reach one year old.

Breastfeeding rates are lower among low-income families than high-income families, but most women who can’t afford formula will often turn to food banks or other charities for help with buying it. Some states offer free or reduced cost formula through their WIC program (Women Infants and Children), but not all do. Additionally, some states don’t require hospitals to give out information about how much formula they receive from manufacturers so they can better distribute it among needy families.

Why did Liverpool fans boo the national anthem

Liverpool fans booed the national anthem during their match against West Ham on October 27th.

During Liverpool’s Premier League match against West Ham on October 27th, a number of fans were heard booing the national anthem. The Reds have since released a statement saying that they “will not accept” this behaviour and will be taking action against those involved. So why did Liverpool fans boo the national anthem?

Why did Liverpool fans boo the national anthem?

The UK’s national anthem is “God Save The Queen”, but some people have chosen to replace it with an alternative. In recent years, football supporters in England have become increasingly dissatisfied with the UK government and their policies, particularly regarding Brexit. As a result, many football fans have started to sing songs like “No Surrender to the IRA” or “No Surrender to the EU” instead of God Save The Queen.

A number of Premier League clubs are based in areas that voted strongly for Brexit and thus tend to attract more pro-Brexit supporters than others. For example, at Chelsea FC around 75% of voters supported Brexit in 2016, while at Manchester United it was about 65%. However, at Liverpool FC only about 35% voted for Brexit.

This means that there are more people who voted Remain at Liverpool than there are at other clubs with larger pro-Brexit followings. Many of these Remain voters would prefer not to sing God Save The Queen because they disagree with what they see as Theresa May’s government’s current actions. Some may also be unhappy about being asked to respect a song which was written hundreds of years ago by someone who owned slaves.

What is going to happen now?

Following their match against West Ham on October 27th, Liverpool released a statement saying that they will not accept this behaviour from their supporters and will be taking action against those involved.

Why is baby formula scarce

The recent shortage of baby formula has caused major problems for mothers in the UK.

The recent shortage of baby formula has caused major problems for mothers in the UK. A significant number of people have taken to social media to voice their concerns about not being able to find the product in shops and online. This includes a number of high-profile celebrities, including model Lily Allen and TV presenter Holly Willoughby. The shortage comes after a number of British supermarkets decided to stop selling baby formula due to concerns over safety.

What is baby formula?

Baby formula is a type of food that is specifically designed for babies who are under 12 months old. It contains all the nutrients that babies need during this time, as well as other ingredients such as vitamins and minerals.

Why are there shortages?

There have been a number of different reasons given for why there has been a shortage in the supply of baby formula recently. Some people have blamed it on recent changes made by supermarkets, while others have blamed it on Brexit or even Chinese buyers stockpiling it.

Why is Turkey in NATO

Turkey has been a member of NATO since 1952.

Turkey is a member of NATO, but it’s not exactly the most active participant. The country’s relations with the rest of the alliance have been strained in recent years, and Turkey’s place in NATO has been questioned by some. Here’s why Turkey is still a member of NATO and what that means for its relationship with the other members.

What is NATO?

NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It was formed in 1949 as a defensive military alliance between nations in North America and Western Europe to protect them from Soviet aggression during the Cold War. The original members were Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway and Portugal. In 1952 it was joined by Greece and Turkey.

Why is Turkey part of NATO?

“Because we are a part of Europe.”

— Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said that Turkey should not be part of an alliance which contains countries like Germany and France as he reiterated his country’s support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

“How can we trust you?” he asked rhetorically at an event in Istanbul on Tuesday night.
“You have to be loyal to us,” he said.
“We are not [a] European Union member … because we are a part of Europe,” he added.

“Because it is good for us.”

Why is America bad at Chess

In the lead-up to the World Chess Championship, U.S. players are struggling to compete.

The world’s best chess players are set to meet in London this month for the World Chess Championship, but American players are not in a position to challenge for the title. This is largely due to a lack of funding and a lack of interest from American schools and universities, which has resulted in very few elite chess players emerging from the country.

What is America’s current standing in chess?

America currently ranks 11th in the world when it comes to participation in chess, with over half a million people playing regularly. However, when it comes to competitive play, the country ranks 26th with only six grandmasters and no female grandmasters. There have been some great chess players from America throughout history, including Bobby Fischer and Paul Morphy. However, none of these have been born since 1990.

Why does America struggle at chess?

Chess has long been seen as an intellectual pursuit that is better suited for European countries than for those across the Atlantic Ocean. In Europe there are many more competitions available for young people who want to learn how to play competitively or just have fun playing against their friends. In contrast, there is very little opportunity for Americans to get involved with competitive chess at school or university level unless they move overseas.

CBS Magnum Pi Cancelled

CBS has canceled the Magnum P.I. reboot after two seasons.

Magnum P.I., the reboot of the classic 1980s series, has been canceled by CBS after two seasons.

The series starring Jay Hernandez as Thomas Magnum was a hit with critics and fans when it debuted in 2018, but ratings declined sharply over its run. The network did not pick up the show for a third season, and now it’s been officially canceled.

“Magnum P.I.” averaged just a 0.9 rating in adults 18-49 and 7 million viewers per episode in Nielsen’s Live+Same Day numbers this season, down significantly from its first season (1.6, 11 million). It had been a staple of CBS’ Monday lineup since its premiere in September 2018.

Why does Amber keep looking at the Jury

Amber has been accused of looking at the jury.

Amber Heard was recently accused of breaking courtroom rules by looking at the jury. The actress was in court to hear a motion regarding her divorce from Johnny Depp, and the judge ruled that she had indeed broken these rules. But why does Amber keep looking at the jury?

What is Amber Heard’s net worth?

Many people would expect anyone with a title to be worth a large amount of money, but that’s not always the case. It’s also hard to put an exact number on someone else’s net worth, as there are so many variables and estimates to take into account. For Amber, most sources place her net worth around $20 million in 2020 according to Celebrity Net Worth. In 2021, it climbs to $30 million according to Idol Net Worth.

What is Amber Heard’s net worth?

The actress is estimated to have earned $1 million for her role in Aquaman, which was released in December 2018.

Why is the moon red

Why is the moon red?

The moon is often described as being red in the sky, but this isn’t a colour that it actually has. Instead, it’s a phenomenon that happens when the sun rises or sets and casts a reddish glow on the moon. It’s also known as “the old moon in the new moon’s arms”, which is an old English proverb.

This reddish hue can be seen during a total lunar eclipse when the Earth passes between the sun and the moon. During this time, sunlight passes through Earth’s atmosphere before reaching our satellite, which filters out most of its blue light but lets through its red light. This results in what appears to be a blood-red moon in our sky.


Why did Liverpool fans boo William

Liverpool fans booed William at the 2019 Champions League final, and his response was perfect.

As the Champions League final drew to a close, Liverpool fans were desperate for their team to win. They’d been dreaming of this moment for months, and they were going to do everything in their power to make sure it happened. However, there was one man who wasn’t exactly on board with the plan: Prince William. During the match between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur at Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid, Prince William stood up and began cheering for Spurs. He then walked down from his seat with a big smile on his face as he clapped his hands together. It didn’t take long for Liverpool fans to notice what he was doing, and they didn’t react well.

Prince William’s actions led to a chorus of boos from Liverpool fans in attendance at the match. This could have been seen as rude or disrespectful by some people, but not by Prince William himself. In fact, he responded perfectly by saying “I’ve got a lot of friends who are Reds!” He then added that he’d been invited by both teams’ captains to attend the match.

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