How was Nalanda University born

Nalanda University was the first university in the world.

Nalanda University was established in India in the 5th century. It was the first university in the world, and it is credited with being one of the greatest universities of all time. Although there are some claims that Nalanda University was not actually built until after Buddhist monks were invited to teach at a monastery in Bihar, it is generally accepted that Nalanda University opened its doors around 500 CE. The school’s reputation grew quickly and students came from far and wide to study at Nalanda University.

At its peak, Nalanda University attracted students from China, Japan, Korea, Tibet, Indonesia and Persia. Some of these students were sent by their rulers as diplomatic gifts to learn about Buddhism from Buddhist monks who had fled persecution in China. In addition to religious studies, Nalanda University also taught subjects such as astronomy, medicine and mathematics.