Google why are you eating my ram

Google has been eating the RAM of users of its Chrome browser, according to a new report.

Google is facing a major backlash from users after it was revealed that the company has been eating their computer memory. The search engine giant has reportedly been using computer memory for other purposes than just web searches, leading to slow computers and an unstable internet connection.

The problem was first reported by several news outlets earlier this week, with users claiming that they had noticed their computers slowing down after having used Google’s Chrome browser. It is believed that Google uses up to 10% of your computer’s RAM when you are not actively using the internet, which in turn slows down your computer and causes it to crash more often. The search engine giant then reportedly uses this free memory for its own purposes, such as processing images and videos.

The report sparked outrage on social media from both journalists and regular users alike, with many people calling on the company to stop stealing their computers’ memory. One user even said that he would no longer use Google as his default search engine unless they fixed the issue.