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BK Cannon is a name that’s often used in reference to the so-called “Cannon Man” who appeared at Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The person who threw their hat at Donald Trump’s inauguration has been revealed as BK Cannon, a man from the American south. In January 2021, BK Cannon was arrested for throwing his hat at President Trump and trying to grab his arm. The incident was caught on camera and led to many memes being made about it. However, in July 2021, the President’s legal team released an image of BK Cannon in an attempt to clear his name. This came after several members of the public had mistakenly identified another man as being BK Cannon.

The image showed a photo of a bearded man with glasses, wearing what looks like a fedora and holding up an American flag. The image was accompanied by a note from Trump’s legal team that read: “We would like to confirm that this is not BK Cannon. We are not sure who this person is or why they have made this claim but we would like to state for the record that this is not him.”