Why Teej is celebrated

Teej is a festival celebrated by women in Nepal, India and the diaspora communities around the world.

Nepal is a country of various festivals. Among them, Teej is one of the most popular ones. It is celebrated every year on the third day of Shrawan month as per Nepali calendar. The festival celebrates the arrival of monsoon season and symbolizes the love between Radha and Krishna. It also marks an end to people’s struggle with summer heat.

According to Hindu mythology, Teej falls on Shravan Purnima, which is considered as a sacred day by Hindus. As per mythology, Goddess Parvati was born on this day and she was married to Lord Shiva on this day.

What does Teej celebrate?

It celebrates love between Radha and Krishna

How did it originate?

Teej originated in India from ancient Hindu tradition that reveres Lord Krishna as an avatar of Vishnu.

Why sweet Caroline Football

Sweet Caroline is a football chant that has been sung by fans of the Boston Red Sox since April 2019.

The Boston Red Sox baseball team’s recent World Series victory against the New York Yankees in June 2021 has led to a revival of one of their most famous chants. The team’s victory over the Yankees was their first World Series win since they defeated the St Louis Cardinals in 2013, meaning that they had lost three times in four years. It was also the first time that they had beaten the Yankees in a World Series since 1918, and they celebrated accordingly. The chant “Sweet Caroline” became popular at Fenway Park during this time, as it was played during every game at home games. However, following a moment of silence for former president Bill Clinton on May 2nd, 2019 (a day after his death), it began to be sung before every game.

After their historic victory against the Yankees in 2021, Sweet Caroline became even more popular than ever before. A petition on Change.org to make Sweet Caroline the official anthem of Boston went viral and attracted over 1 million signatures from all over America and Canada. The song also inspired other sports teams to adopt it as their own anthem – including basketball teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers and Toronto Raptors – although none have achieved quite as much success with it as Boston.

Why sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline is the official anthem of the Boston Red Sox.

Sweet Caroline is a song that was originally released in 1969 by Neil Diamond. It has since become an unofficial anthem for the Boston Red Sox, who play at Fenway Park. The song is played during every home game at Fenway Park and during away games when the Red Sox are visiting. Diamond himself has said that he doesn’t mind fans singing along to his song, even if they don’t know all of the words.

Why does Sweet Caroline play at Fenway Park?

The Red Sox have been playing Sweet Caroline since 2004, when it was introduced by team organist Josh Kantor. According to Kantor, he had previously tried to get other songs such as Don’t Stop Believin’ and I Love Rock ‘n Roll played at Fenway Park but failed to gain any traction with management. He eventually got Sweet Caroline approved after writing a letter to team management in 2003.

The letter stated:

“It’s simple: Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ is a song that brings back great memories for me (and many others). It’s one of those songs that you hear and immediately you’re transported back to another time and place.”

“It’s not just a good baseball song – it’s a great baseball song. It evokes memories of good times and bad times – it brings back memories of sitting in the stands or on your dad’s shoulders while eating peanuts or Cracker Jacks.”

“If there was ever going to be one ‘song’ that would make me come running out of my seat, this would be it.”

“So here we are ten years later and we’re still waiting for something like this (a big hit from 1983) – only now I’m no longer a kid with my dad, but rather someone who can actually do something about it.”

On July 15th 2004, during intermission between innings of an interleague game against the Colorado Rockies, Josh Kantor played Sweet Caroline over Fenway Park’s loudspeakers.